Commercial Solar Services

We are a full-service solar integrator delivering a wide range of services from initial customer consultation through final system start-up and post installation customer service. Solar Panels Sydney Our technical expertise and project management experience combined with proprietary and innovative technology sets us apart from the competition. SPG Solar has quickly risen to become a leader in the field and is routinely selected through competitive and negotiated selection processes because of our high quality product, competitive pricing, and extensive experience. Our high-profile clients include pharmaceutical companies, wineries, agricultural facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, government agencies, educational facilities and Fortune 500 Companies.

We make solar simple. Our professional Commercial Project Development Team has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complex process of installing a large-scale solar system at your facility. Our comprehensive package of solar services includes:

Site Feasibility and Project Discovery

The first step toward designing a solar installation for your company involves SPG Solar Senior Account Executives and Technical Designers performing a complete feasibility. This study includes discovery of your site and detailed analysis of your energy usage patterns.

Rebate and Interconnection Administration

SPG Solar’s knowledgeable Rebate and Interconnection Team manages the administrative details associated with solar rebates and utility interconnection. From completing and submitting the rebate and interconnection forms to answering questions and providing information that the incentive programs require, our team prepares and handles it all. The only work required of you is to sign the documentation at the beginning and end of the project!

Design and Installation

Our expert Design, Project Management and Construction Teams have the technical expertise to design and build the highest quality system for your energy needs. We take the time to determine the best mounting structure, facility locations, and construction strategy to ensure your system is aesthetically pleasing, high performing, and built to last.

Real-Time Monitoring

SunSpot, SPG Solar’s proprietary solar monitoring software provides real-time solar energy output, performance, historical data, and customized reports to give you the confidence that your system is operating as expected.

Post Installation Customer Service

SPG Solar’s Customer Service and Warranty Team guides each client through the transition from construction to full system operation and provides long-term maintenance and service for years to come.

Comprehensive Warranties

SPG Solar offers full service warranties for up to 10 years in addition to manufacturer’s equipment warranties that cover equipment for 20-25 years. We guarantee that your system will have exceptional performance over its lifetime and with high quality equipment that’s built to last.